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Speaking Topics:

  • MetaHab: A Contemporary Model of Rehabilitation

  • Posttraumatic Growth: Trauma and Crisis Recovery

  • Resiliency

  • Motivation

Examples of Speaking Sessions:

  • Building Resiliency and Strength through Adversity

  • Develop and Improve Resilience after Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

  • How to Build Resilience and Promote Growth in Secondary and Vicarious Trauma

  • Post Traumatic Growth & MetaHabilitation; Science and Practice

  • Happiness and Adversity: Opportunities for Growth

  • Women's Wellness: Life Affirming

  • Women and Resilience: Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Example of specific speaking session: Post Traumatic Growth & Metahabilitation; Science & Practice

Scope of Work and Deliverables:

  • Total presentation time: 90 minutes

  • Wellness Journals provided to all attendees

  • Metahabilitation Books available at reduced cost to attendees

  • Pre-Conference discuss to clarify goals and objectives

Dr. Mikal-Flynn’s MetaHab program helps people find strength in tragedy.  She is a passionate and empathetic teacher who gives great thought to each presentation and the individual needs of her audience.  She radiates positivity and respect and lifts the spirits of those around her.

Marcie Ellis

Supervisor, Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Advisory Board

Supportive Oncology UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center