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Posttraumatic growth: Breaking through to recovery
By Joyce Mikal-Flynn, EdD, MSN, FNP

INTENSELY STRESSFUL life events such as a traumatic injury are common life experiences. In the United States, traumatic injury accounts for 41 million ED visits and 2 million hospital admissions per year.1  Besides physical trauma, life can bring forth many other distressing situations that challenge the well-being of individuals, families, and communities, such as loss of employment, divorce, a death in the family, and natural disasters. 2,3  This article discusses PTG—the capacity for emotional growth following a traumatic experience—with a focus on recovery from traumatic injury. It also explores how nurses can employ principles of metahabilitation to help patients...

Metahabilitation: Transforming Life Crises
A Story of Enhanced Recovery Involving Addiction and Dependency
Editor: Joyce Mikal-Flynn, EdD, RN, FNP, BSN, MSN

 INTRODUCTION Alcoholism and other dependencies are tied to troubling issues (Boden, Fergusson, & Horwood, 2013; Cargiulo, 2007). They are major causes of morbidity and mortality from such ailments as liver and cardiac disease or metabolic and neurological disorders as well as catalysts for significant social, relational, and occupational disruptions...

MetaHabilitation: how to survive life after trauma
Author Joyce Mikal-Flynn, EdD, MSN, FNP

There is a lack of understanding that such events are unique, subjective and potentially transformative experiences (Smith, 2006; Karasu, 1999; Vash, 1994). Trauma and disease can disrupt people’s equilibrium or status quo (Livneh and Parker, 2005). Addressing this requires adjustment to biological homeostasis as well as an adjustment of patients’ self-concept. Research in this field – specifically qualitative research – has identified the importance of appreciating...

What good shall I do today?


While driving from Sonoma to Santa Rosa recently I faced the cruel aftermath of the fires. It was overwhelming to witness firsthand the destruction. Isolated chimneys, metal staircases and foundations were surrounded by only ashes and burnt remnants of what was. Right next to these devastating scenes were homes completely untouched by the fires. Why were some homes in complete ruins while others, only yards away, left standing virtually untouched. Why? The ultimate question.

Thanksgiving and Miracles


There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle. -Albert Einstein

Miracles, they happen every day but at times we fail to pay attention to or recognize them. I am from Santa Rosa. I knew several people who lost their homes. This along with the killings in Sutherland, Texas and Las Vegas left me asking, why? Always the first question when facing horrible, extreme events. Why are we going thorough this? 

The Northern California Fires

american red cross.jpg

This trauma is so far reaching. So much was destroyed. Growing up in Santa Rosa - I know how close this community is. If your home or business was not destroyed, you knew someone who suffered a loss. How do you start to get things back on track? How do you begin to move forward? Sometimes it is doing little things- something simple. I met a friend for lunch. She and her husband lost everything. I wanted her to get away and talk. I simply listened. She took me through that night and cried, not because of the losses, she said, but because, "it is hard to take in all the kindness and support that has been given".


Remembering 9/11

As we come upon the anniversary of September 11th I feel both a sadness as well as a hopefulness about life. It was a traumatic event and time altering forever so many aspects of our lives. On that day, simply going to work or getting on a plane 2,996 individuals lost their lives. Those that loved them, family members, neighbors and coworkers would never be the same. Choosing how to live life in the aftermath of such devastation is challenging…but joy can follow suffering especially if you find purpose. 


For Everything There Is A Season, And A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven: A Time To Be Born, And A Time To Die. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

This summer was a wonderful reminder of seasons and purpose. I attended the birth of my fifth grandchild, celebrated my husband's 65th birthday and 2 grandsons birthdays. I also had the privilege of participating in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life in Santa Rosa to honor my niece, Paula Marie. My brother Jude, his wife Paula and my husband Terry and I walked around the track, looking at all the lovely luminaries, each one holding a story of courage and brave battles.


Choose To Love.

This is a tough time for all….but also a time to learn and grow. I have some ideas about dealing with these troubling and traumatic current events. These actions helped me:

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