post traumatic growth course


Metahabilitation: Pathway to PTG. A Course for Clinicians

Trauma care is a captivating and challenging discipline offering a wide range of opportunities to interact with and serve individuals during their most troubled, stressful times. Although outlook and care has tended to focus on the pathology and negative aspects of trauma, more recently, research has taken a growth perspective recognizing the ability for individuals, secondary trauma survivors and communities to experience posttraumatic growth (PTG). This course allows you learn about and/or expand your knowledge and practice to incorporate the principles and application of PTG. Metahabilitation: Pathway to PTG. A Course for Clinicians provides an overview of the fundamentals of PTG including the neuroscience and genetics of trauma, resilience and growth, focusing on direct application of a strengths-based recovery model, Metahabilitation, to be incorporated into current clinical practices and programs.

Course to be release in Summer 2019! Check back for more information.

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