Thanksgiving and Miracles

There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.

-Albert Einstein


Miracles, they happen every day but at times we fail to pay attention to or recognize them. I am from Santa Rosa. I knew several people who lost their homes. This along with the killings in Sutherland, Texas and Las Vegas left me asking, why? Always the first question when facing horrible, extreme events. Why are we going thorough this? One can feel discouraged and angry-as if prayers are not answered, as if we are alone. Faiths and beliefs about what should be are significantly challenged. In the midst of this despair, we can miss a lot, like every day miracles. 


Recently, I invited my friend Teri to have lunch in Sonoma. She and her husband Mark lost their home in the Santa Rosa fires. Another friend of mine from Sacramento, Cheryl, joined us. We shared a meal and bottle of wine and just let Teri talk...about anything she wanted to. Cheryl didn't know Teri before we met for lunch, but without saying a word, Cheryl paid the entire bill. When Teri realized this, she was moved to tears and said, "it is overwhelming to see and experience the amazing kindness from others, many of whom I don't even know or never met before".


Miracles are goodness. They are kindnesses, sometimes from people just passing through our lives, other times imparted by dear friends who are there for us. The film: Miracles from Heaven, tells us they are Gods way of letting us know "He is here.You are not alone". a part of a miracle. During this season of gratitude, let someone know - "you are not alone". Perhaps out of your own pain, confusion and struggle, you can feel better by lifting the spirt of someone else. As you bring forth the miracle you let others know, 'you are not alone'. In this process and sharing you feel happy - you experience your own miracle. Let's choose this path. The one that brings us from, Survival to Adaptation to Amazing.


Happy Thanksgiving from Team Metahab