Metahab & Mother's Day

Mothers have been our healers from the beginning. Dealing with the minor traumas - skinned knees, cuts and bruises to the more significant crises and struggles as we grew. They understood the concept of Metahab all along. They helped us heal and grow from these events. Because they give so much, Mothers sometimes forget to take care of themselves. To attend to their needs. Metahab promotes health and wellness for all - Moms too! So if you are looking for a thoughtful gift for yourself, a friend, colleague or your mother, join us in Sonoma on June 10th for the Women, Wellness and Resilience Day. Take time out of your life, or gift it someone else. Replenish, find your balance and have fun.

The Metahab family wishes all Mothers a Happy and Blessed Day on May 14th.