A reminder of my survival and going after My Crazy Dream.

This is the anniversary of my brush with death. On July 20, 1990, 27 years ago, the life I knew changed – forever. I had no idea how things would turn out or what this experience would bring forth. Initially, my life seemed hopeless and without purpose. I spent much of my time depressed, angry and afraid. Unwilling to give up - I eventually made the choice to live. With time I accepted aspects of my new life and adapted. I reached out and took advice from professionals and friends who supported my recovery. I tried new things and got some traction. I refocused and became grateful for what I could do. The anger, despair and frustration slowly subsided. Then I had this crazy dream. I could help other survivors to maneuver around their own trauma and crisis and eventually grow, not in spite of what happened but as a direct result of their event. Metahabilitation was born. I now live for and with a purpose. Part of that purpose is my family. I am blessed with a wonderful husband, children, sons in law, grandchildren, colleagues and friends. My crazy dream has taken hold and I am more dedicated and driven than ever. I have seen Metahab work, providing a pathway for survivors and their families toward growth. It is becoming more and more the standard of care and less of an afterthought. So with deep gratitude for my survival and the opportunity to remind survivors of their courage, capacity and ability to move forward, I want to thank the Metahab community for supporting my crazy dream.

Now, find your purpose and go after your own crazy dream. Have fun, enjoy and grow.