Unwavering Spirit: Hope and Healing at Ground Zero

Remembering 9/11 causes me to feel both sadness and gratitude. I remember exactly where I was and my utter disbelief in watching the events as they unfolded. Revisiting that day causes emotions of fear, sadness and anger for me. I don’t think that will ever go away, but as time passes I understand, given a sense of history and a heightened awareness of what trauma and life challenges do and can do to each of us, I chose to look at this event, this day feeling sad but also grateful and a heighted resolve.

September 11th reveals the worst and the best in others. A horrible event reminds us of the innocent people who lost their lives and those who sacrificed for causes greater than themselves. They need to be remembered. Survivors, holding onto hope, find that in the midst of this horror, there can be, will be healing and some good that comes forth. Promoting and supporting healing does not mean we forget. The scars we carry, physically and emotionally will reveal our past challenges and traumas. They remind us that we will be tested but when we meet those tests, we recognize our strengths and sense of gratitude for the lives we have and opportunities we have to serve.

John McCain said, “The important thing is not to look back and figure out the things I should have done but to look back with gratitude”.  It is with a sense of gratitude and purpose that Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn and Team Metahab remembers and uses this day to strengthen our resolve to bring forth healing and hope to all those who have suffered trauma and challenges. We are here to serve.