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Monday, October 16th

9:30am – 1:30pm

Pena Adobe Park, CA Price:

$50 per person

Sign up with a friend and save $102 people = $90.

For questions about registration, please contact:

Elizabeth  Brim,


Deadline to RSVP is October 6th.

Space is limited to 12 participants so don’t delay!

 The Event

The military life, especially the military spouse’s experience is not fully understood or appreciated in the civilian world. Day to day life is significantly stressful. Dealing with most issues on their own while facing the ongoing prospect of a traumatic event, is both overwhelming and predictable - a part of a unique and shared understanding.

This stress is ongoing but can intensify during deployment. Issues include: managing all matters including finances and other life issues independently during long missions and deployments, building friendships during required and frequent base to base transfers, especially when one’s spouse needs to

move independently, anxieties associated with children, childbirth and infertility, and the possibility of taking on caretaker roles for partners who return with physical and/or psychological problems. Managing these major life events on your own is stressful, leaving little to no time for YOU.

These anxieties and stresses do not have to become chronic disorders. One cannot rush past the chaos and the pain of these situations, but instead learn to better recognize the valuable lessons that unfold in the process and build on one’s personal strength, resilience, and ability to endure, even grow as a direct result of these most difficult challenges.

Benefits of our Preview Event

The focus of this event is YOU. Review the challenges and discover how they

become opportunities for personal growth and development.

1. Learn how trauma, crisis, and stressful life events offers you a greater capacity for connection, resilience, and joy.

2. Learn how dealing effectively with day to day challenges, as well as traumas, prompting personal and professional well-being.

3. Get clarity on YOUR next best step. Neglecting your needs is nonproductive prompting ineffective coping skills. Learn how self-care brings forth constructive skills that support your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The day includes

•          Initial Program Content

•          60 minute hike (level of difficulty is low)

•          Debriefing Session

You will be provided

•          Personal Journal

•          Snacks/Water