Resurgam: "I Shall Rise Again"


Words are powerful, especially this one. Resurgam is a Latin word that means, 'I shallrise again'. I had two recent examples, actually reminders of resurgam. First with Project Cohort.

Their mission and focus is: A Community of Veterans Helping Veterans through therapeutic adventure, camaraderie and service. While attending peer training for Project Cohort at Texas State University and Bastrop State Park, I had the honor of spending several days with veterans who, as expected, endured disturbing events during their military service, finding themselves in some very dark, scary places after their tours of duty. Returning home brought forth unique and troubling issues. Many, if not most of their problems resulted from separation, no longer being part of a group with a defined, definite purpose. The only way to dig out of that despair and depression was to open themselves up, to get back into life. They found that in Project Cohort. Veterans were a part of something again, recognizing their strengths, re-engaging, first with fellow vets and then with others. They also found ways to serve. As they adventure together they have opportunities to connect, heal and eventually grow – They shall rise again.

Also, this month, I had an opportunity to spend a day with Lane Edwards as I took him to his adaptive therapies. On April 17, 2014 a freak accident caused a C 4 spinal cord injury. When I first saw him after his injury, he could not breathe and talk at the same time. He was immobile with little thought of returning to a full and meaningful life. That was 2 years ago. Thankfully, he was surrounded by people who saw things differently. They didn’t allow him to say, ‘no’ or ‘can’t’.  Lane told me that it has been a matter of luck and really hard work - today, I saw him stand and walk. His adaptive therapist, Brian and his Aunt Sally are two people who don’t say ‘no’ or ‘can’t’, pushing him past perceived limitations. His very rigorous 2 hour work out included weight training/strengthening, standing and walking. Although still in a wheelchair, he continues to improve and will return to school this semester. His professional goal and plan is to teach high school American History. He shall rise again.

At our final training meeting for Project Cohort, we sat in a circle committing and sharing our plan to keep this program of healing and service moving forward. I shared that although I did not experience war, I know what it is to hurt and feel separated from life. I understand the confusion, despair and loneliness. So, no matter what trauma one goes through, there is an appreciation and understanding of the problems but also the opportunity to choose life – to rise.

This is Metahab’s meaning and platform. Individuals endure and move through some unbelievable trials and tribulations but eventually, they dig deep, finding personal power, courage and a fierce determination to move forward – and they do so in the most amazing manner. How they accomplish this, at times, is an enigma. But when survivors make the choice to move forward they do not stop until they metahabilitate: until they rise again.  

August 2016