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MetaHab training and consulting services provide extensive and in depth curricula uniquely designed to support, enhance, guide and direct practices toward wellness and posttraumatic growth (PTG) for clients, clinicians and organizations.

Post Traumatic Growth; The Science Behind the Practice and Clinical Application

Scope of Work and Deliverables:

  • Total Session time: 6 hours

  • Metahabilitation Book, Clinician Manual and Wellness Journal included.

    • All materials, including book and manual, distributed in advance of workshop

  • Extended sessions: provides time for additional content and collaborate on direct and practical clinical application

  • Post-Workshop: One hour webinar – utilization and training consultation

  • Quarterly webinars for additional consultation and training

Metahab and Posttraumatic Growth Workshop & Training

The Science and Evidence Behind the Principles and Practices of MetaHab and Posttraumatic Growth: Facilitator Training  

Scope of Work and Deliverables:

  • Metahabilitation Book, Clinician Manual and Wellness Journal provided.

    • All materials, including book and manual, distributed 3 weeks in advance of workshop to review in detail (Level 1- Pre-Program: Foundational)

  • Total Session time: Full Day; 8 hours  (Level 2 - Advanced)

  • Post Workshop: on site follow up training: 3 hrs (Level 3 - Post-Program: Master)

    • The initial post workshop re-addresses content and focuses on utilization, guiding and supporting direct clinical application of Metahab pathway/workshops.

  • Certificate provided at conclusion of training (Completion to Level 3).  

  • 2nd Post-Workshop: one hour webinar

    • Consultation focused on utilization of content into practice; review and support of workshop delivery..

  • Facilitator Training Session

    “The Women, Wellness and Resilience Program is an inspiring and centering experience.  You have the opportunity to connect with incredible women on the inevitable ups and downs of life and reconnect with the healing power of nature.   The content of the program is focused around well-being and Post-Traumatic Growth. You are reminded that you are in fact resilient and possess the coping tools necessary to grow from challenges and opportunities.  After the WWR event, I felt realigned with my purpose and intentions, and would recommend it to women who are aiming to be the best versions of themselves while overcoming any of life’s curveballs.”

    Bethanie Crouch

    Student-Athlete Development/Academic Success

    Student Affairs Sacramento State University