Love is Stronger than Hate


This June I was in NYC visiting the 9/11 memorial site. It is always so inspirational and moving to see how the fallen are honored but also to note the movement forward - including at the World Trade Center.

While at the memorial I attended an assembly remembering those killed and those who continue to suffer from the Orlando shootings. It was both a sad and moving gathering, dedicated to all affected by that senseless and traumatic event.

I also had the opportunity to visit and place flowers at the The Stonewall Inn, a common gathering place and safe haven for NYC LGBT community. In 1969 it was the place where the LGBT community stood their ground protesting the arrests and intolerance suffered by that community. A strong movement began. It is now the Stonewall National Monument, a new addition to the national park system, signifying the struggle for LGBT rights, representing unity and strength.

Sadly, horrific and traumatic experiences continue, led by those who choose to hate, those failing to embrace tolerance, acceptance and love. On the fence across the street from The Stonewall Inn, stars were placed to honor and remember those who were killed. The Metahab community continues to show our support, remembering and helping those affected - survivors, as they enter into their recovery journey. This journey begins with survival, moving toward healing and with guidance and support, eventual growth - becoming stronger. The sign in front of The Stonewall Inn states: Stop the Hate. This message is strong. So is Chris Singleton's. The son of Sharonda Coleman-Singleton who was killed in the Charleston Church shootings: Love is Stronger than Hate.

Orlando, Metahab sends our love and strength. Love, acceptance and goodness is stronger than hate.

Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn

August 2016