Spain - A Reminder of a Mission


Spain was wonderful. Beautiful sites, art, music, people and shoes! The Mediterranean coast line is magnificent. Having fun and experiencing a new culture bring forth growth and insights into life.

Visiting Picasso’s art gallery was one of those insights. The gallery presented paintings that spanned his entire life. This display revealed an artist who was not the same throughout his life. His art work changed over time. It evolved as he aged, saw life differently and took more risks. It reminded me of how we are prepared for such an evolution. It is not the same as Picasso’s but life brings forth, through events, experiences and wisdom, opportunities to progress. Many times this evolution is a response to troubling experiences. I noted this exact response from those at the conference: 2nd Global Conference on Emergency Nursing and Trauma Care. After presenting my research on Metahab, clinicians told me how they felt lighter, more hopeful, almost energized. I hear this same response from survivors. But more and more, as I present to health care professionals and they share their thoughts, I hear them telling me this idea and clinical pathway represents confidence and growth for them as well – a more generative, productive response to their work.

Spain was amazing. I learned so much. One of the most important and motivating things I learned was the importance of the Metahab mission. Trauma is a universal experience but so is metahab and posttraumatic growth. Throughout this world, people exhibit a toughness and resilience, but at times, they need support and guidance to promote this capacity. Clinicians need it too. They must be reminded that their training provides a unique and essential role in the healing process. They don’t need to do it all. They just need to do their part well, recognize that people can and will grow after trauma and pass them off to the next health professional to do their part. All involved in trauma can experience growth.

The mission keeps on……


October 2016